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iWin24 strives to offer its customers the best deposit methods available in their respective countries. A complete list of all deposit methods can be found in your betting account. You can open your account in Euros.
Your funds are safe and secure at iWin24 and are held separately at a leading European financial institution. Any time you make a deposit, your funds are held specifically for you and are never mixed with operational funds.
As the account holder, you should retain a copy of all transaction records and the site's policies and rules applicable at the time the transactions were carried out.



Please find hereunder the depositing methods offered to our customers.


Methods of Payment Description Fees Time Accredited How To Deposit Minimum Amount
Bank Transfer Bank Fees Within 5 working days At your own town EUR € 50
BRL R$ 200
COP $ 150,000
ARS $ 800
  Credit or Debit Cards Bank Fees may apply Instant Online EUR € 10
BRL R$ 40
COP $ 30,000
ARS $ 160
Neteller None Instant Online EUR € 10
BRL R$ 40
COP $ 30,000
ARS $ 160
Skrill None Instant Online EUR € 10
BRL R$ 40
COP $ 30,000
ARS $ 160
  Astropay - Cards None Instant Online EUR € 10
BRL R$ 40
COP $ 30,000
ARS $ 160
  AstroPay- Boleto Bancario None 24h Online EUR € 10
BRL R$ 40
COP $ 30,000
ARS $ 160
  AstroPay- Bank Transfer None max 3h Online EUR € 10
BRL R$ 40
COP $ 30,000
ARS $ 160


Bank Transfer

Payable to:
Sea Salt Malta Ltd.
Sata Bank

EURO (€)

Account 1044907921
IBAN MT34STBA19116000000001044907921



Credit / Debit Cards


Transactions on your Credit/Debit Card Statement will appear as Sea Salt Malta Ltd.
These transactions are subject to a limit of 5000 € per transaction. If you want to deposit more you have to split the amount on multiple transactions. Credit/Debit Card Transactions are not accepted from certain countries. A Credit/Debit Card registered with a iWin24 account, can only be registered once and cannot be associated with any other iWin24 account.
The iWin24 account holder and Credit/Debit Card bearer ought to be the same individual. Please note that deposit limits apply and the said limits will be increased upon presentation of the required documentation. Kindly note that transactions may be processed either as a Purchase or as a Cash Advance. Please be aware that when a transaction is processed as a Cash Advance, bank charges may apply.
Visa and Mastercard payments on this site are handled by Sea Salt Malta Ltd. on behalf of Sea Salt B.V.





Neteller is a secure, fast and reliable method of funding your iWin24 account online.
Deposits are instant and iWin24 apply no charges for using this method. Simply click Deposit on the iWin24 website.
The name and email address you have registered with Neteller must match the details as registered on your iWin24 account in order for your Neteller transaction to be accepted. Only one Neteller account can be registered against a iWin24.com account.

You can create a Neteller account by visiting www.neteller.com




Send and receive money via your email address! Skrill is an e- wallet payment solution that enables you to transfer funds into a 'virtual' Skrill account, and then transfer funds to your iWin24 account – instantly.
To fund your account using Skrill or by any other method powered by Skrill simply click on the Skrill option and register. For further information about payment and withdrawal methods supported by Skrill please visit www.skrill.com
Kindly note that due to security reasons the Skrill account holder and the iWin24 account bearer ought to be the same individual. It is important to note that the same email address registered on iWin24.com account is to be used when registering a Skrill account.
Only one Skrill account can be registered against a iWin24.com account.



Astropay - Cards


AstroPay Card is a virtual pre-paid card that enables you to funding your iWin24 account online.
AstroPay Card can be purchased in all the countries where AstroPay has operations. It can be paid cash in thousands of local stores, it can be bought via the Boleto network in Brazil, through PSE in Colombia and via bank transfer in all South America, via debit and credit card and countless other ways.
It is also instant, so there is instant payment confirmation and no need to wait for your transaction to deposit in your iWin24 account.



Astropay - Boleto Bancario


AstroPay Boleto Bancario is an offline payment method to founding your iWin24 account online.
Using Astopay Boleto is very simple: Just choose Astropay Boleto as a payment option, print out the form and fill it up with amount to deposit and your ID card number, proceed to the payment at any bank or via online home banking.
From the moment the user makes payment, boleto will be confirmed throughout the next working day. Meaning it can take up to 24hr.



AstroPay- Bank Transfer


AstroPay Bank Direct is a direct payments in local currency to founding your iWin24 account, it is available from the most popular banks in all of the countries which have the technology to enable to run the AstroPay Direct service.
Our system connects with your bank of preference. Simply enter some personal information to connect to your online banking page to verify the payment. Once finished immediately receive confirmation of payment.
Because some of our bank transfers integration are direct, in some banks the confirmation time is done Instantly and can in some cases it can take up to 2-3 hours.

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